The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has released vehicle sales data by brand for the month of November 2019, a duration which saw the delivery of 52,584 vehicles. This is 1,286 units fewer than the 53,870 units sold in October.

Perodua continues to retain its top spot despite a 10.5% drop in volume compared to its sales of 22,808 units in October, as the national carmaker sold 20,422 units last month. Perodua has sold 221,984 units in the year to date, and it appears likely to exceed the target of 235,000 units the carmaker is aiming for.

Meanwhile, Proton charted growth of 1.5% to 9,643 units sold in November, up from 9,503 units sold in the month before. This gives the carmaker a year-to-date volume of 89,066 units, and it will need to put in a strong December performance if it is to hit a target of 100,000 sales this year.

Also seeing gains in November among the Japanese makes is Toyota which grew 7.3% to 6,956 units from 6,481 units in October, Honda with a 5.2% growth to 6,694 units from 6,366 units in October, though Honda is still a long way ahead in year-to-date sales with 78,183 units compared to Toyota’s 61,045.

Nissan gained 1.5% to 1,730 units from 1,709 units in October, though Mazda went the other way with a 19.9% drop to 803 units sold compared 1,001 units in October. Other makes which saw drops in sales volume for November included Mitsubishi (-14.1%) from 725 units in October to 623 units, Hyundai (-29.5%) from 193 units in October to 136 units and Renault (-37.3%) from 150 units in October to 94 units.

It was better news for the premium segment in for the month of November, with green arrows abound; Mercedes-Benz grew 23.2% from 710 units to 875 units, BMW grew 9.2% from 705 units to 770 units, Volvo grew 43.8% from 130 units to 187 units, Lexus grew 6.5% from 123 units to 131 units and MINI grew 17.3% from 81 units to 95 units.

Here, Mercedes-Benz still holds a marginal lead over rival BMW with 9,349 units sold year-to-date compared to BMW’s 8,835 units YTD. Combine MINI sales for the BMW Group collectively, and these look to overtake Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s figures.

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