Proton is set to introduce new accessory options for its cars, “giving customers access to new customisation and individualisation features.” The options will include practical items for families, as well as performance packages that will boost performance by up to 30%.

This is according to Proton chief designer Azlan Othman, who was quoted by a Geely article titled Raising Global Design Talents. In it, Azlan said that the future accessory options will be offered at the point of sale (POS).

The Lifestyle package aims to provide “more comfort and convenience” for families, while the performance package called R3 Sports will boost performance by up to 30% “through adding spoilers and additional turbochargers.” There will also be a Proton Design package that “will refine the look of the car”, making it look more classy. For the latter, Azlan mentions “special fabrics designed by celebrity designers“.

What would have caught you to sit up and notice is the R3 Sports option pack. While sports-oriented packages are common in the industry, they usually involve just aesthetic changes – bodykits, decals and sometimes, wheels. Toyota’s TRD Sportivo and Honda’s Modulo accessories come to mind.

However, here we have the promise of actual extra performance, although the “additional turbochargers” bit might be a misquote as it sounds a little too complicated to be true. No models or timeline mentioned, so we’ll have to wait for Proton’s upcoming models to find out – the CKD X70 is set to debut this year, while the smaller “Proton X50” based on the Geely Binyue is might surface towards the end of the year.

What’s for sure is that the R3 performance sub-brand is far from dead and will continue to be used by Proton as intended – racing and providing a dose of sports for the common man.

Last month, Geely Group Motorsport boss Alexander Murdzevski was in Malaysia for the 2019 World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) grand finale and he gave his backing to the R3 division.

“Every time we come down to Malaysia, we will sit together with our family here which are Gary and the Proton R3 team, and we always listen to their plans and what they can do better for the Proton brand. In Geely, we have a lot of positive commercial records involving motorsports, and we in turn get a lot of support with what we’re doing now. So I think the spirit and interest are there,” Murdzevski said.

“I think what’s unique with Proton R3 is that it’s a team with a very long history in motorsports racing. If you think about it, you have to feel proud because there aren’t many racing teams in the world that can continue to operate under the main (Proton) brand for such a long time. Proton R3 also perform consistently well. Gary and his team are good, nice people. I’m happy to have him as part of a family,” he added, referring to Proton R3 team principal, Gary Lee.