Electric vehicle battery producer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd (CATL) said that it has signed a battery supply agreement with Tesla earlier this week, Reuters reports.

Tesla will determine the volume of batteries supplied between July 2020 and June 2022 according to the American EV manufacturer’s own needs, said CATL in a stock exchange filing, while noting that the agreement does not impose restrictions on Tesla’s volume of batteries purchased. Tesla has a long-standing battery supply agreement with Panasonic, and the electric vehicle maker said its partnership with LG Chem and CATL were on smaller scales.

In July, CATL and Toyota agreed to a partnership for the development and supply of batteries for the Japanese automaker’s forthcoming electrified vehicles, with both parties having started discussions on new technology development as well as the recycling of used batteries.

An earlier report by Automotive News at the time also said that CATL battery packs are a possible fit for Honda’s global modular electric platform, alongside Panasonic as a likely supplier. More recently, Volkswagen also identified CATL as a strategic supplier for Volkswagen, after it was reported that the German automaker was to purchase a 20% stake in mid-tier Chinese battery producer Guoxuan.

This will aid in the manufacture of Tesla’s China-made Model 3 EVs, made in a production plant in Shanghai which aims to produce more than 1,000 vehicles a week. Tesla’s Shanghai plant began delivering cars last year, Reuters reported, and the EV maker has said that it will be diversifying its battery supplies for this plant.