SPYSHOTS: Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR Mk8 on test

SPYSHOTS: Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR Mk8 on test

Once again, the forthcoming Volkswagen Golf GTI has been spotted running road tests, though the unit photographed here appears slightly different compared to the ones our spy photographers have found previously. This unit seen here could be the more focused TCR variant, which according to a previously leaked image, will come to market with 300 PS.

This is a comfortable margin above the standard GTI’s output of 245 PS based on that same leaked document, and which will match the 300 PS output of the now-discontinued Mk7 Golf R, which was a 10 PS drop after it was recertified for its WLTP emissions rating.

Based on that leaked presentation image, the GTI TCR’s front end will be distinguished by using body-coloured ‘tusks’ instead of the Megane RS-style lamp units at the corners of the front bumpers of those of the base GTI, GTD and electrified GTE.

SPYSHOTS: Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR Mk8 on test

This represents a 10 PS gain on the Mk7 GTI TCR, and like the previous car, the Mk8 Golf GTI TCR will drive the front wheels via a seven-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic with a locking differential. The forthcoming Golf GTI TCR should get uprated components for the rigours of prolonged track driving, such as improved cooling components; the Mk7 GTI TCR gained an additional two radiators over the standard car.

Similarly, the forthcoming Golf GTI TCR will get uprated brakes, firmer suspension and a range of wheel and tyre options; the Mk7 TCR offered a raised top speed limiter, racetrack-ready semi-slick tyres, sportier dampers and the adaptive Dynamic Chassis Control system.

The TCR interior will also receive visual tweaks to further differentiate it from the standard GTI, which could include revised front seats with unique upholstery as well as a re-trimmed steering wheel, if the Mk7 TCR is something to go by. It’ll be a little way to go before the GTI TCR officially arrives, as the base Mk8 Golf GTI is scheduled to debut at the Geneva Motor Show this March.

GALLERY: Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTI spyshots

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