Dacia Spring EV concept – rebadged Renault City K-ZE

Dacia Spring EV concept – rebadged Renault City K-ZE

Electric vehicles are almost a requirement for carmakers these days, and Dacia is set to enter that space by previewing the Spring Electric Concept. If there’s a sense of familiarity here, that is because the Spring is actually a rebadged version of the Renault City K-ZE that is already being sold in China.

Unfortunately, Dacia won’t launch the Spring until at least 2021 in Europe, hence why it is still being labelled a concept for now. Styling-wise, the concept looks nearly identical to the City K-ZE with some minor differences like the Dacia-specific grille and lighting signature.

On the latter, the front sees LED horizontal strips in the upper section and six-piece elements built in to the bumper, while the rear sports a “double-Y’ effect instead. Other highlights seen on the concept include a pastel grey exterior finish with splashes of matte fluorescent orange, along with a high ground clearance and skid plates integrated with the bumpers.

Dacia Spring EV concept – rebadged Renault City K-ZE

The company hasn’t provided any powertrain details but it should mimic the City K-ZE, which has an electric motor that delivers 44 hp (33 kW) and 125 Nm of torque. A 26.8 kWh lithium-ion battery powers the electric motor, and can be recharged via AC or DC charging, with Renault claiming a range of 271 km following NEDC regulations. Dacia says its Spring will have a “range of over 200 km in WLTP” in production form.

Just like the City K-ZE, the Dacia Spring aims to be one of Europe’s most affordable EVs when it goes on sale, providing motorists with an option for a vehicle with low running costs, ease of driving, silent operation, zero-emissions, simple charging and easy maintenance.

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