Here is the latest sighting of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series; the most potent, most track-focused version set to debut later this year. Its emphasis on circuit performance is indicated by the most aggressive bodywork shaping to be applied on the coupe, such as the development car’s front splitter, rear wing as well as bonnet and front wheel arch vents.

These all work towards increasing downforce, including the wheel arch vents which are meant to reduce pressure and turbulence within the front wheel arches to effectively even further increase downforce over the front end of the car. At the back, the massive rear wing appears to feature a smaller, secondary aerofoil beneath it, this setup augmented by the new, deeper-looking diffuser which house the car’s quad exhaust outlets.

Making sure to exercise the enhancements aimed at even further improving the AMG GT Black Series’ roadholding qualities will be a revamped V8 engine. This will trade the traditional cross-plane crank configuration the AMG GT has used in its variant line-up with a flat-plane crank version, according to our spy photographers, who note that this development car is quieter than previous versions of the AMG GT.

Replacing the cross-plane crank layout for this flat-plane crank version should bring benefits such as a quicker-revving engine, as well as a sound which should be closer to that from something like a V8 Ferrari engine. This GT flagship is expected to crank out 700 hp and 750 Nm of torque, and continue to drive the rear wheels through a dual-clutch automatic gearbox.