There’s lots of hype surrounding the next-generation Toyota 86, from it getting a new turbocharged engine to potentially being a better sports car to drive than the GR Supra. No one knows how the new car will look like, so here are two artist impressions to get the imagination going, courtesy of Theophilus Chin.

Right off the bat, the renderings feature a gaping fascia that’s pretty much in line with the trend these days. The main radiator grille is reminiscent of the GR Yaris, while the side intakes and slim headlights accentuate the sporty appeal. There’s also GR badging on the fenders, and the fender vents are very much done in BMW fashion.

Over to the back, the dominant feature here is of course the continuous LED tail lights, a trick many car brands have employed to emphasise the car’s width. Other styling cues that are typical of sports coupes include the short rear overhang, prominent haunches, vented rear bumper, and integrated diffuser with actual exhaust exits.

Beyond that, the next GR 86 is rumoured to sit on a new platform, which would allow it access to a more potent 255-hp turbocharged engine. It will remain rear-wheel drive as expected of the car’s lineage, and the car could be introduced by July 2021. It’s also confirmed that Toyota will work together with Subaru to develop the 86/BRZ twins.

Other sources have claimed that the new car may get a 2.4 litre flat-four engine from Subaru, including the possibility of Toyota switching to Mazda’s forthcoming rear-wheel drive platform with heavily-braced double wishbone suspension setup. However things play out, just know that the Toyota GR 86 and Subaru BRZ will coexist for the second time.