The transport ministry says that according to road transport department (JPJ) data, there are now 31.2 million units of motor vehicles registered in Malaysia as of December 31 last year, as Bernama reports. The total includes cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

This is 3.02 million units up from the mid-2017 figures released by the Malaysia Automotive Association (MAA), which recorded 28.18 million registrations in the country up to that point, representing an average increase of around 1.2 million new vehicles annually in the past two and half years.

The latest data also provides the necessary to determine the overall increase in vehicles in Malaysia over the past 10 years – in 2010, vehicle registrations in the country were recorded at 20.18 million units, and so the latest figure translates to just over 11 million new registrations in the 2010-2019 period, or an average of 1.1 million units per year for the decade.

Although no specifics were detailed, MAA data compiled for our top 10 best-selling cars of the decade piece reveals how many of these new registrations since 2017 were that of passenger cars. The total industry volume (TIV) for passenger vehicles (PV) was 514,675 units in 2017, 533,202 units in 2018 and 550,179 units in 2019, adding up to nearly 1.6 million units for the full three years.

With the mid-2017 MAA numbers stating that nearly 13.29 million of the 28.18 million registered units were cars, a conservative estimate – as approximated in the top 10 story – would have the total number of passenger cars in the country comfortably at well over 14 million presently; based on rough calculations, this would be around 14.5 million (taking half of 2017’s new PV off for the calculation from then to 2019).

With the country’s population in 2019 being estimated at around 32.6 million, as projected by the statistics department, that roughly works out to a rate of about one car for every 2.25 people in the country, and nearly one motor vehicle per person.

The JPJ data also revealed that there were 16.8 million licenced drivers in 2019, a 10.5% increase from the 15.2 million that was registered in the database in 2018. The department added that it recorded a RM4.32 billion turnover in 2019.