The Malaysia Automotive Association (MAA) has released Malaysian vehicle registration data up to June 30, 2017, with the total number of vehicles on our roads standing at 28,181,203 units. For those keeping score, that’s 0.88 vehicles for every person in the country.

The headline number represents a 1.88 million increase over the 2015 figure, which hit 26,301,952 vehicles. Compared to 2010, when the number of vehicle registrations stood at 20,188,565 units, there are now 7,992,638 more vehicles on the road – an increase of 1.23 million vehicles a year.

Let’s take a closer look at the data. Overall, there were 13,288,797 cars and 12,933,042 motorcycles registered, as well as 185,035 public service vehicles (PSV) including buses, taxis and private hire vehicles. Registrations of goods vehicle, on the other hand, reached 1,205,744 units.

As expected, vehicles in the Federal Territories – including Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan – made up the bulk of the total, with 6,320,329 units registered. Languishing some ways adrift in second is Johor with 3,611,611 units, while Selangor sits in third with 2,904,476 units. Penang (2,655,679 units) and Perak (2,260,242 units) follow closely behind.

The automotive industry recorded sales of 284,461 units in the first half of the year. That figure has since swelled to 384,730 units as of August, and is very much on track to hitting MAA’s 2017 total industry volume (TIV) target of 590,000 units, which would represent a growth of 1.7% over last year.

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