From an Instagram post, it appears another electric motorcycle (e-bike) brand, Super Soco, might be coming to Malaysia in the near future. Hailing from China, the Super Soco brand is owned by Jiangsu Super Soco Intelligent Company with offices in Shanghai and a manufacturing facility in Nanjing.

While details are scarce on the Instagram post by supersoco_malaysia, including a link to a non-available website, it does say Super Soco will be in Malaysia soon, along with some photos. Some readers might remember the Super Soco name from this article, which detailed an electric scooter from Ducati named CUx.

Not much more has been heard about Ducati’s foray into small electric mobility vehicles since then but perusal of Super Soco’s website reveals a range of electric motorcycles and scooters, including the CUx. The other electric two-wheelers are the Super Soco TC and TS, styled as naked sports bikes as well a slew of urban mobility scooter designed for short range commuting and city use.

The TS has more modern styling and comes with a hub-mounted Bosch electric motor that gives 120 Nm of torque and 80 km of range from the 60-Volt, 26 Ah lithium battery pack. Meanwhile, the TC comes with a slightly more retro style and brown faux leather seat and both the TC and TS feature adjustable foot peg positions.

As for the CUx, a 60-Volt, 30 Ah battery gives some 75 km of range with charging to 100% taking seven hours on domestic current. A Bosch hub-mounted motor gives 130 Nm of torque and the CUx features keyless start, remote seat opening, bike camera and cruise control.