Electric motorcycles (e-bike) are coming, no doubt about that, but whether this trend is going to take the world by storm or be just that, a trend that eventually sees a few hardcore adopters and a die-hard fan base who won’t hear a bad thing said about their rides (like Honda CX500 owners) remains to be seen.

What does seem to be missing from the equation is a simple, no fuss e-bike that comes between the tiny electric scooters for urban use like the Kumpan 54 and super fast sports e-bikes like the Harley-Davidson Livewire, a situation Swedish firm RGNT attempts to address with its first product, the No. 1.

Despite the somewhat less than imaginative name, the RGNT No. 1 is intended to slot in between the cheap, small and slow end of the market, the commuter or urban daily use e-bike and the top end, high speed, high tech machines like Energica. Coming in a basic styling that resembles a scrambler motorcycle of the 1960s, the No. 1.

No swoopy styling lines or plastic bodywork and unnecessary frills here, RGNT takes a conservative two-wheeler look that is immediately recognisable and powers it with a hub-mounted 11 kW electric motor. RGNT – known as Regent Motorcycles till a name change last year – says the No. 1 carries a 7.7 kWh battery pack which gives the rider a claimed 150 km of range.

With a top speed of 120 km/h and a dry weight of 130 kg, the No. 1 would be suited for light highway riding and as a daily commuter for a rider living outside the city. Charging the battery pack uses domestic current, taking 4.5 hours to get to a full charge with a fast charger currently under development and expected to be ready in 2021.

Braking on the No. 1 is done with hydraulic callipers on single discs, front and rear, with braking control using a combined braking system (CBS) with the right and left handlebar levers. Priced at 10,500 euro (RM49,829), a 150 euro (RM711) online deposit is being taken for the 2020 RGNT No. 1, with delivery expected to take place six months after the order is accepted.