As lives gradually resume to some semblance of normalcy, more and more people are hitting the roads once again. However, after spending months in lockdown, a survey has shown that a large number of motorists in the UK are having difficulty to get used to driving. This is something we can all relate to, can’t we?

The UK’s transport ministry revealed that the average UK car is driven more than 11,000 km every year, or an average of 938 km monthly. However, over the past 28 days, Hyundai’s survey (with a sample size of 2,000 motorists) showed that the average driver only covered less than 150 km a month, and 30% of those respondents drove less than 40 km.

More interestingly, 18% of them (or 360 people) said they struggled to get accustomed to driving once again. Of the 360 individuals, 28% have stalled their cars, 21% had scraped their wheels on kerbs, and 21% forgot to use the signal indicator. Four out of 10 motorists said they hadn’t refuelled in the past 28 days, while 12% admitted to not remember which side of car the fuel lid or charging port was at.

Out of the 2,000 individuals, 48% said they were more concerned about the potentially poorer standard of driving post-lockdown, and 44% of them thought motorists have been driving faster during lockdown. Just 10% thought they have been driving more slowly.

Police forces across the UK have voiced out about shocking driving behaviours during the lockdown. A separate study done by Hyundai found that 18% of its respondents have had a near-miss with a cyclist, either as a driver or pedestrian.

Finally, the top 10 errors made by UK drivers since the lockdown were stalling, struggled with parallel parking, forgot to use the turn indicators, scraping wheels on kerbs, not checking mirrors when driving off, forgot where the fuel filler cap was, not shutting the door properly, and not putting their seatbelts on. Completing the list are those who had to think carefully about what each pedal does and forgetting to turn the ignition key. We’re not making this up!