With the debut of the 2021 Lexus IS sedan earlier today, the Japanese luxury marque placed emphasis on the improvements made towards a sharper driving experience, with mention of an enhanced bodyshell, chassis and suspension components that also contribute toward improve ride quality.

The IS’ suspension components, for example, aid in that objective with reduced unsprung weight, while dampers of a new design aim to better harness body movements for improved ride and handling.

It appears that driver appeal is very much at the heart of the new IS, as “Lexus values the dialogue between the driver and (the) car,” said chief engineer Naoki Kobayashi, emphasising the point with terms like ‘sense of unity’ and ‘exhilaration’.

The demands placed on the new IS in order for it to deliver those qualities required a specific environment, which was the reason the Shimoyama test course was used as its development track. Response, accuracy and linearity of control as well as predictable steering feel were the developmental goals, along with the elimination of any noise and vibration that interfered with that driver-machine dialogue.

Across the Pacific from Lexus homeland, the IS is presented in a walk-around that observes its exterior design and its details. At its front end, function dovetails with form, where the the lower corners of the spindle grille house air inlets that help cool the front brakes.

Beyond the exterior design, IndyCar Series presenter and IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar racing driver Townsend Bell also delves into the new-design dampers with ultra-low-velocity valves which help the setup respond to even the smallest road bumps. The video also takes a brief look at the new infotainment system, which has a screen that is now located closer to the driver for easier reach.

Check out these videos as they each take a brief look at the 2021 Lexus IS from their own perspectives.

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