In July, Nissan unveiled its new logo, the emblem making its official debut alongside the automaker’s Ariya all-electric crossover. Aside from vehicles, the new logo is se to begin appearing both in digital and physical forms across a variety of mediums, from letterhead and dealership signs to social media and digital advertising.

The Ariya is the first Nissan vehicle to wear the new brand identity, and will make its way on to future Nissan models as they are introduced or refreshed. The new logo is set to make its debut along with the upcoming fourth-gen N18 Almera, which is set to officially break cover very soon. It will not however be seen on the car or any local Nissan model yet.

The new Nissan logo, which was actually previewed during the debut of the Ariya concept at the Tokyo Motor Show last year, adopts a sleeker look by adopting a slimmer font and thinner circle. The redesign provides the logo with a transition from that of having a hard-edged, industrial feel to a refined, yet familiar, digital-friendly look.

The company says that the new design looks to the future while staying proudly connected to the company’s rich heritage and tradition of innovation.

In all, four iterations of the new brand logo will be seen in product and brand communications – a 3D white logo with shadow, a 2D white logo with shadow and two 2D flat logos, in black and in white (on a black background). The brand’s electric vehicles will feature an exclusive illuminated logo lit by 20 LEDs (corresponding to the number of years between logo redesigns) to serve a reminder of how the brand is driving towards an electrified future.