For the budget conscious Malaysian motorcycle rider, Givi Malaysia has introduced the M10.1 Acqua and M30.3 D-Visor demi jet helmets. Pricing for the M10.1 Acqua starts from RM230 while the M30.3 D-Visor range goes for RM312 upwards.

There are four colour choices for the M10.1 Acqua – Graphic Lava Black, Graphic Lava White, Soda Metallic Black and Soda Metallic Fuchsia. Meanwhile, the M30.3 D-Visor has three options to choose from – Graphic Echo Neon Yellow, Graphic Echo Red and the ever popular Solid Black.

The M10.1 Acqua helmet is a lightweight design and features a blend between vintage and modern styling. Features include a Micrometric helmet strap quick release buckle for ease of use and available sizes are from small to extra large.

Meanwhile, the M30.3 D-Visor helmet comes with Givi’s Head Protection System (HPS) which enhances head protection for the rider. This open face helmet incorporates an air ventilation system that reduces misting inside the visor on rainy days and cool weather.

Additionally, the M30.3 D-Visor comes with an internal tinted secondary visor to reduce glare on sunny days. All Givi helmets sold in Malaysia conform to the European ECE helmet standard.

Givi M30.3 D-Visor helmet

Givi M10.1 Acqua helmet