Chevrolet has dropped another teaser for the upcoming Bolt EUV, which is the high-riding sibling to a refreshed Bolt that is also on the way. Both models are set to enter production in the summer of 2021, and will be built on General Motors’ BEV2 electric vehicle platform.

We’ve already seen the silhouettes of Chevy’s two new EVs previously, but the focus now is strictly on the Bolt EUV – the name stands for “electric utility vehicle.” To be even more specific, we’re given a glimpse of the model’s interior and its infotainment system, the latter featuring what the company calls a Power Flow Screen.

Marketing name aside, the feature basically provides information on how the car is managing energy, with neat graphics showing the activity between the electric motor and battery. Besides that, we also see a more minimalistic layout of on-screen buttons, with the Energy button (represented by a leaf) now placed next to controls for navigation, phone, media and the home button.

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV (left), Bolt (right)

Beyond the main screen, we also see a redesigned digital instrument cluster and a new dashboard design, which sports a metallic-like trim rising over the instrument cowl and extends into the centre air vents. There’s also a separate piece of trim that cradles the infotainment screen, while below that, the HVAC controls are now less pronounced compared to the large buttons and knobs seen in the current Bolt. A darker colour scheme also replaces the white and dark grey look.

While the interior design isn’t breaking new grounds, it does look like a pleasant place to be in, and should be shared between both EVs. Of course, the main draw of the Bolt EUV will be its engineering, like the performance and engineering afforded by its electric powertrain. Additionally, this will also be the first EV product from Chevy to come with Cadillac’s Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance system for compatible highways.