A car battery is easily one of the most misunderstood components of a vehicle. It’s also among the least appreciated, with many people opting run-off-the-mill, “mainstream” choices that are cheap yet long-lasting, or so the claims go.

Those who have had their batteries changed recently would surely have heard of Amaron batteries. The brand has been around in Malaysia since 2016, and its growing popularity has courted the distribution of parallel/grey import units.

Tecxus Marketing managing director Eric Chow said while grey import Amaron batteries are legitimate products, customers who purchase them will not be able to enjoy warranty benefits, such as its 36-month/60,000 km warranty coverage (for selected models only). So, how do you spot a genuine Amaron battery that is sold through official channels in Malaysia?

It’s fairly easy, actually. Every Amaron battery comes with its own unique serial number. Simply scan the barcode that is printed on a white sticker (found on the top section of the battery) via the dedicated Amaron 36 mobile app, or key in the alphanumerical code as an alternative. Note that the serial number should match the embossment found on the battery cover as well.

Batteries sold through official channels will be validated through this process, whereas parallel import units – although not a counterfeit – won’t get a verifiable serial number. When keying in the serial number, remember to upload a copy of the invoice (proof of battery purchase) to the app, followed by a photo of your car registration plate and trip meter (mileage readout). These are crucial should there be any warranty claims down the road.

Now, let’s clear the air with Amaron’s 36-month pro-rata warranty. For now, the warranty only applies to 38B20L, 46B24 series and DIN type batteries distributed by Tecxus Marketing. It’s for vehicles with petrol engines only, and the mileage limit is 60,000 km (or 36 months, whichever comes first). For diesel-powered vehicles, the standard warranty is up to nine months.

Should a battery fail within 18 months of use, the claimant will get a brand new replacement unit for free, no questions asked. From the 19th month onwards, customers are required to pay a discounted fee to replace the faulty battery, with the upshot of having the 36-month warranty period automatically renewed. Referring to the chart above, the discount starts from 47%, and gradually decreases over subsequent months.

All Amaron batteries are manufactured and imported from India. It claims to be the top aftermarket automotive battery maker in India in terms of market share. The batteries are also designed to meet the exact OEM specifications, featuring silver calcium alloy for better conductivity, as well as high corrosion and heat resistance. For more info, visit Amaron’s Facebook page.