Cyclists are urging authorities to reserve the motorcycle lane on main highways for their use on weekends. This was said by Bukit Jelutong Plan A community organiser Faz Adhili, in the interests of cyclists’ safety, in an Astro Awani report.

“I recommend that on weekends, the motorcycle lane on main highways such as Guthrie, Kesas and the Federal Highway be closed and reserved for the exclusive use of cyclists,” says Faz. “This is because traffic on the motorcycle lane on weekends is very low,” he continued.

Speaking on video broadcast Awani Pagi, Faz has the opinion this is an effective way of ensuring safety of cyclists and requires tolerance from all parties to make it a success. He added that while there are cycling lanes in Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur, the lanes are not able to be fully utilised due to parked cars obstructing cycle traffic, as well as hawker stalls located along the five-foot way.