Ever wondered what would ever happen if you ever let Yema Spica EV, or try to attempt the subject? Well, the result is this, an all-electric version of an existing MPV design that has been around since 2015.

Based on the Sichuan-based outfit‘s M302 seven-seat miniaturised Alphard clone, the current interpretation replaces the combustion engine variant’s running gear (a 1.5 litre engine and manual gearbox) with an electrified powertrain, in this case an electric motor offering 70 kW (94 hp) of peak output and 180 Nm of torque.

The unit is juiced by a 48 kWh lithium battery, which provides the vehicle with an operating range of around 350 km, based on a NEDC cycle. The company says that via a fast charger, the battery can be brought from 30% to 80% SoC in 40 minutes. Performance figures include a sizzling 120 km/h top speed.

As the photos show, the 4.58 metre-long machine doesn’t look terribly sophisticated, at least not in its baseline form, with steel wheels and a single-DIN USB audio head-unit highlighting that it’s all about function over form, with the standard fit manual air-conditioning and halogen lighting driving the point home.

There is however some attempt at providing a contemporary feel with a rotary drive selector and a two-tone digital instrument cluster, complete with a tyre pressure monitor display, and the higher-spec variant bags owners some additional kit, including a LCD infotainment screen, rear-view camera, multi-function buttons on the steering wheel, keyless entry/start, electric sunroof and a rear wiper.

Quite the rudimentary thing, but it’s when you Spica the savings compared to other EVs that you begin to appreciate the wise thoughts Yema has about electrification. As CarNewsChina reports, pricing for the base model is RMB109,900 (RM68,800), while the higher-spec option is RMB129,900 (RM81,280). Looks like Yema knows best, as always.