Over the past few months, there have been reports of Proton customers facing issues with aftersales parts, for both accident repairs and scheduled services. This has left some cars stuck waiting for parts, or serviced with a few parts short (commonly brake fluid and cabin filters, with owners asked to return later when the parts are in stock).

To get the full picture of why this is happening, we reached out to Proton for some official comments. Proton vice president of sales and marketing and Proton Edar CEO, Roslan Abdullah said: “Proton admits that some aspects of our business have not been able to keep up with our recent successes. While we have dramatically moved forwards in product quality, brand image and the technology offered in our cars, our aftersales service has not made the same leap.”

“This situation was exacerbated in 2020 by firstly Covid-19, and then our decision to invest in a completely new backend ordering and delivery system. As a result, we have experienced integration issues and customers requiring accident repairs as well as regular servicing have faced delays,” Roslan added.

“We are working on these issues around the clock to overcome them in the shortest time possible. But for now, I urge all Proton owners facing delays to please contact our customer care hotline at 1-800-88-8398,” Roslan explained.

According to its press statement, Proton’s 10-year strategy required the company to completely overhaul some of its operations in order to succeed. Those include the immediate improvement of product quality, and today Proton said its quality scores are close to matching Geely’s.

The national automaker’s distribution network has also improved drastically – Proton currently has the most 3S/4S facilities in Malaysia and has moved its focus to a wholesale rather than consumer driven business.

With these measures in place, Proton has managed to post some of the highest sales growth numbers for the industry over the last two years. But for 2021, the focus is on improving its entire aftersales value chain so customers can enjoy a premium brand experience after buying their cars.