What is your favourite way to spend quality time with your closest friends? A leisurely drive on the weekends surely sounds ideal, and that’s exactly what old pals Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter (known fans of the Porsche brand) chose to do in Porsche’s latest short video.

They were each handed the keys to a Porsche Taycan Turbo for a 180-km drive from Santa Barbara to the Porsche Experience Centre in Los Angeles. Seems like an easy thing to do for a car that can easily go over 400 km on a single charge, which was why Porsche included several “pit stops” along the way.

The actors sampled the pure electric Taycan Turbo’s Launch Control mode, then went up against two-time Le Mans winner Patrick Long (and his 918 Spyder) on a 3.2-kilometre hill climb up the Pacific Coast Highway. The dream journey then culminated at the Porsche Experience Centre, where Reeves and Winter put their countersteering skills to the test on a drift pad.

If you’ve always wondered how John Wick would look if he smiled, then watch the video to see him geek out for seven minutes straight.