During a global press conference, Honda Motor Co president Toshihiro Mibe three new Honda electric motorcycles (e-bikes) will be introduced to the market by 2024. Intended for personal use, these will be e-bikes in the below 50 cc and below 125 cc classes.

That Honda’s new e-bike models fall into the small displacement motorcycle category is deliberate as in many European countries, only a driving licence is required to operate a two-wheeled vehicle displacing less than 50 cc. This falls in line with Honda’s push for electrification in the micro-mobility, or personal transport, category.

The three new models announced will join the the Benly e:, Gyro e: and Gyro Canopy e: three wheelers, which are intended for small business use. Along with news of new e-bikes, Mine also said new products will be introduced in the “Fun” category, although no details were forthcoming.

However, from a slide presented during the press conference, the new e-bikes will take the form of two scooters and what looks like a 125 cc sized motorcycle. Meanwhile the “Fun” e-bike appears to be a full-sized motorcycle along the lines of currently available e-bikes like the Harley-Davidson Livewire, Zero and Energica.

Honda recently signed an agreement with other motorcycle makers to develop a common standard for swappable batteries. The ability to easily interchange batteries between vehicles of different types and makes is considered a key ingredient for the widespread adoption of electric mobility.