Ford confirms it is making a range of fully-electric cars

Ford confirms it is making a range of fully-electric cars

Ford has confirmed that it is developing a range of cars that are all fully electric. According to an Automotive News report, this confirmation came straight from Ford’s president of the Americas and international markets group, Kumar Galhotra.

“I can easily see a point where we’d say: Here’s the date where we’d be all-electric,” Galhotra told the newswire. “We’re certainly working towards it.” The confirmation came swiftly following the unveiling of the all-new Ford F-150 Lightning.

Ford says the plan to go fully electric is largely dependent on customer acceptance of the new electric pick-up truck, with other key models being the Mustang Mach-E and E-Transit. Hopefully, the trio will encourage more people to consider buying an electric vehicle. So far, things are looking good for the F-150 Lightning – Ford collected nearly 45,000 bookings for it in the 48 hours following its debut.

So it’s clear that Ford will go full electric, but unlike several European automakers, Galhotra has yet to provide a set date for the transition. That’s because there are still uncertainties in other markets around the world with regards to EV adoption, including between Europe and the US.

“The two markets are in a very different place. As that market was maturing and moving in Europe, it was clear at what point we’d be all-electric. I suspect the same thing is happening here; we’re just not at that point,” Galhotra said.

Generally, Europeans are more in favour of making the switch to electric compared to Americans. A Guardian report quoted Autotrader executive analyst, Michelle Krebs as saying: “American consumers will not buy an EV without the infrastructure in place, leaving the industry facing a ‘chicken and egg’ situation. They have got to have the charging infrastructure in place or this will all go kaput.”

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