Next-gen Mazda MX-5 to receive electrified powertrain

Next-gen Mazda MX-5 to receive electrified powertrain

Mazda recently announced its new electrification roadmap for the future, which will see the company introduce 13 models with hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric powertrains by 2025. This transition away from conventional internal combustion engines will also affect the Japanese carmaker’s famed MX-5, according to reports by Kuruma-news and Motor1.

The Japanese publication questioned Mazda executives on the matter during a press conference following the June 17 announcement, but were met with a vague reply that states the MX-5 is within the scope of Mazda’s electrification plan.

However, Motor1 received a more substantial answer from the carmaker when it went looking for clarification. “Mazda is seeking to electrify the MX-5 Miata in an effort to have all models feature a form of electrification by 2030. We will work hard to make it a lightweight, affordable, open two-seater sports car in order to meet the needs of customers,” the company stated.

Next-gen Mazda MX-5 to receive electrified powertrain

Of course, the company doesn’t have a lot of details to share for now, but given the lightweight appeal of the MX-5, it’s likely that it won’t become a fully electric vehicle due to the heft that comes with large battery packs. Therefore, it’s plausible that the next-generation MX-5 will adopt some form of hybrid powertrain that better balances weight, performance and efficiency.

For now, we can only speculate on what will power a new MX-5, as only Mazda will make the decision at the end of the day. Based on the company’s plans, it will have new modular platforms that will underpin future models, starting with the SkyActiv Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture for its electrified models arriving by 2025.

The fourth-generation ND MX-5 has been around since 2014, and given the abovementioned timeline, it should slot into the group of cars that Mazda has planned. Then again, Mazda also has a dedicated EV platform called SkyActiv EV Scalable Architecture arriving in 2025 for EVs that will come to market between 2025 and 2030, and given the low sales volume of the model, an electric version is also possible.

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  • Haidi on Jun 24, 2021 at 4:02 pm

    Cutting weight for a HEV is challenging. It is interesting to see how will Mazda do it. Target sub-1000kg, salute!

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    • IJN nurse on Jun 25, 2021 at 12:01 pm

      Plastics and aluminium replacing high strength steel shall mass lesser than one tonne

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