Jeep mulls new electric 4×4 baby SUV – due by 2026?

Jeep mulls new electric 4×4 baby SUV – due by 2026?

It appears that Jeep is planning an entry-level SUV that will be positioned below the Renegade (pictured above), and it’s set to be fully electric, AutoExpress reports. Jeep design head Mark Allen told the publication that “we’re looking at every segment possible,” adding that there is obviously room below the B-segment Renegade and “that’s something we’re looking at.”

Allen also hinted that other new models are being considered, but said “there are a couple of other forks in the road that we’re looking to cover.” The publication speculated that, if the baby Jeep were to be fully electric, it will have to use parent company Stellantis’ next-generation modular STLA platform.

This platform, due in 2026, allows for the fitment of two electric motors (one on each axle) thus enabling all-wheel drive, a Jeep prerequisite. STLA can be scaled to accommodate a number of segments and battery sizes, from small city cars with 37 kWh battery packs to pick-up trucks or commercial vehicles with over 200 kWh of battery capacity.

Jeep, now under the stewardship of Stellantis, is in the midst of electrifying all of its model, including the upcoming Grand Cherokee 4xe. Like most major car brands, it is accelerating the development of fully electric models, with Stellantis dumping over 30 billion euros (around RM149 billion) through 2025 to achieve its EV targets. Stellantis is targeting over 70% of sales in Europe and over 40% of US sales to comprise of low-emission vehicles by 2030.

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