2021 Range Rover Velar Auric Edition debuts in Europe

2021 Range Rover Velar Auric Edition debuts in Europe

Land Rover has introduced the new Range Rover Velar Auric Edition in Europe. Based on the Velar R-Dynamic S variant, the special edition model is priced from 70,085 euros (RM348k) in Germany, though it’s unclear how many units will be built.

Auric is derived from the Latin term Aurum, meaning gold. As the name suggests, the stylish SUV gets golden trim finishes on the grille, badges, bonnet, door, and front fender strips. Standard features include 20-inch Mercurial Gloss Sparkle Silver wheels and privacy glass, while 22-inch Pincer wheels and contrast roof are optional.

Three new paint colours have been added to the Velar Range, those being the Ostuni Pearl White, Santorini Black, and Charente Grey (exclusive to the Auric Edition). For a bit more money, Velar customers can browse through the automaker’s SV Bespoke Premium Palette selection, which offers more luxurious Tourmaline Brown, Amethyst-Grey Purple and Petrolix Blue paints. You can also commission your favourite colour via its “Match To Sample” service.

2021 Range Rover Velar Auric Edition debuts in Europe

Inside, the new Cabin Air Purification Plus makes its debut, providing improved air quality for all occupants. This builds on top of the existing Cabin Air Ionisation with PM2.5 filtration system, and functions by introducing fresh external air when CO2 levels reach a certain threshold. High CO2 concentrations can cause drowsiness, thereby reducing driver alertness.

Also new here is the Purify Cycle feature, which cleanses the air inside the vehicle. Drivers can also schedule the purification cycle and climate pre-conditioning ahead of each journey, ensuring the cabin air is cleaned and not stale. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be added via the next over-the-air software update, Land Rover says.

For safety, HSE variants and above will get rear camera and adaptive cruise control with steering assist as standard. Self-sealing tyres have also been introduced with this model year update.

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