Toyota has confirmed the all-new Aygo X, with the ‘X’ pronounced as ‘cross’. The Aygo X is an A-segment crossover that continues the bloodline of the second generation Aygo from 2014. The youthful small city car first came on the European scene in 2005 as part of a trio that included the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107.

Toyota says that the Aygo X is the first full model change planned and developed in Europe. It is designed in-house by Toyota Motor Europe and produced in Europe (at Kolin, Czech Republic) for European customers, suitable for the continent’s urban and suburban roads.

The Aygo X is built on the GA-B platform of the Toyota New Global Architecture, first introduced with the new Yaris —the reigning 2021 European Car of the Year — and more recently with the SUV-style Yaris Cross. The Yaris supermini is a segment up (B) from the Aygo.

As for how the car will look, Toyota released the Aygo X Prologue in March, which was described as a preview for a new small crossover to replace the Aygo. The name says it all, really. Toyota’s European Design studio ED2 wanted to prove that A-segment cars, traditionally viewed as entry-level, can still have a standout design.

“With the Aygo X Prologue, I believe we’ve demonstrated that a small car can still be big and bold in personality,” said Ken Billes, assistant chief designer at ED2. “Fun and playfulness has always been at the heart of Aygo. Now, we’ve added to its DNA an additional pinch of hot spice,” added Lance Scott, the design director there.

The new Toyota Aygo X will be revealed in early November. What do you think of the Prologue? I see a hint of the old Smart with the two-tone look.

GALLERY: Toyota Aygo X Prologue concept