Tesla US prices raised by up to RM20k amid increased demand, chip shortage; wait list until September 2022

Tesla US prices raised by up to RM20k amid increased demand, chip shortage; wait list until September 2022

Tesla has increased the prices of its model range in the United States following the increase in demand that resulted in the queue for new vehicle deliveries pushed well into next year, reports Electrek.

In addition to hiking the base variant prices of the Model 3 and Model Y by US$2,000 (RM8,300) each, the American EV maker has also increased the starting prices of the Model S and Model X by US$5,000 (RM20,750), from US$89,990 (RM373,458) to US$94,990 (RM394,208) for the Model S and from $99,990 (RM414,958) to $104,990 (RM435,708) for the Model X.

Demand for Tesla products is at its highest yet, as the carmaker announced record revenue and profit for the third quarter of 2021. Tesla charted US$13.76 billion (RM57.11 billion) in total revenue for Q3 2021, of which US$12.06 billion was revenue from its automotive division.

Demand for Tesla vehicles is at its highest yet, and even with more vehicles being produced than ever before, Tesla is trying to balance supply against demand, CEO Zach Kirkhorn said during the carmaker’s third quarter earnings call.

“The increased demand for electric vehicles has caught us a litle bit off-guard. There is a strategy that we work behind the scenes as we’re balancing supply and demand, as we’re also trying to balance various shortages on parts and manage waiting times,” Kirkhorn said.

Tesla resumed range-wide deliveries of its vehicles when it resumed deliveries of the Model X last week, according to Electrek, following almost a year with at least one of its four models unavailable for customer delivery due to delays in production for the updated Model S and Model X. Production of the Model S has also resumed from June following a six-month break, according to the site.

The Model S has a waiting list that goes to June 2022 for the Model S Long Range, while the wait for a new Model X order stretches to September 2022 for the Long Range, or July for the more expensive tri-motor Plaid. Meanwhile, demand for the Plaid variant of the Model S appears to have stabilised, with delivery timelines shortened from “January to February 2022” to December this year, according to the models’ respective configurator pages.

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