The country will soon have its first integrated fuelling station with the introduction of a Petroleum Sarawak (Petros) multi-fuel station in Sarawak. Announced last year, work on the multi-fuel facility – which will cater to vehicles powered by conventional fossil fuels (petrol and diesel), electricity or hydrogen – looks to be nearing completion, as suggested by photos from a Facebook post by Jonathan Ding.

The station, located in Darul Hana, Kuching, is the first of six planned for the state. They will be built by SEDC Energy, a subsidiary of Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) and will be operated by state-owned Petros.

As reported previously, the second station will also be located in Kuching, at the Batu Kawah New Township, while the four other stations will be in Sri Aman, Sibu, Bintulu and Miri.

The multi-fuel stations will offer regular petrol and diesel as well as water-based hydrogen refuelling and electric charging for EVs, which from the photos look set to utilise units from EV charging solutions provider ChargeEV. The stations have been designed to be able to be fully converted to electric charging and hydrogen refuelling in the future, when the usage of battery and fuel cell vehicles have increased.

According to SEDC, the Petros multi-fuel stations are expected to minimise labour and will be very much tech driven, with Internet of Things (IoT) systems, automated sensors, big data analytics and cashless payments with integration to existing platforms such as Sarawak Pay set to feature heavily.