It’s taken a while, but transport minister Wee Ka Siong has announced that his ministry, together with the Road Transport Department (JPJ), has officially introduced the road tax exemption for electric vehicles, as was outlined in Budget 2022 last year. This exemption, which applies to battery and fuel cell (hydrogen) EVs but not hybrid vehicles, will be valid from January 1 this year to December 31, 2025.

Applications for the exemption will open tomorrow, February 15. Buyers who have already paid the full road tax amount this year – either to register their new cars early or continue driving their older vehicles – will be able to return their road tax sticker to JPJ and receive a refund, after which they may apply for the exemption as per new EV buyers. Refer here for the road tax structure for EVs and how much you stand to save.

Persons with disabilities, whose road tax exemption was also mentioned in Budget 2022, will also be able to apply starting March 15. This rebate – which is also extended to parents, guardians and spouses – applies to all vehicles specially modified for disabled use, as well as any national and CKD locally-assembled car. Individuals must possess a valid disability card issued by the Social Welfare Department (JKM) to be eligible.

Wee said that members of the public can contact JPJ’s customer service for further details and information on the implementation of this incentive.