Oil and gas giant Shell is offering subscription plans for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in Germany, across three versions from the American EV maker made available in the market.

For Germany, the base Tesla offering starts with the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, at rates starting from 599 euros (RM2,788) a month, depending mileage plan selected, and availability in four to six weeks upon booking. Stepping up to the Model 3 Long Range will see rates starting from 729 euros (RM3,394) a month, though demand for this version is much greater; availability for the Long Range variant is in 20 to 24 weeks from booking.

Rounding up the trio of Tesla models offered for subscription by Shell is the Model Y, starting from 879 euros (RM4,092) a month. Like the Model 3 Long Range, the Model Y is listed as available in 20 to 24 weeks from booking. Prices for all three Tesla models are quoted for 24-month, 20,000 km usage.

All three Teslas available through the Shell Recharge subscription plans come with services including vehicle insurance, seasonal tyres, maintenance, free vehicle checks, admission costs, factory freight, battery rental, a Shell Recharge charge card and free takeover, according to the Shell Recharge website.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range and Model Y Long Range by Shell Recharge. Click to enlarge

The Tesla models offered through the Shell Recharge fleet in Germany boast the longest battery range figures out of all the electric vehicles offered in the network; priced above these in the Shell Recharge fleet is the Porsche Taycan, which starts from 1,790 euros monthly and offers a range of 407 km.

Meanwhile, the next closest in terms of battery range offered is the Hyundai Kona Electric (429 euros a month) offers a 484 km range and the Hyundai Ioniq 5 (529 euros a month) with 481 km of range.

According to Teslarati, Shell has told the website that its subscriptions for the Tesla vehicles are only available in the country for permanent residents of Germany, and does not currently have plans to expand its Tesla range offering to include the larger Model S sedan and Model X SUV. For now, Shell also said that it is uncertain if the Shell Recharge subscription service would be offered in markets outside Germany.