Blueshark R1 electric scooter

More growth in the electrified motoring sector is on the horizon. In March this year, automotive components manufacturer EP Manufacturing signed an agreement with Sharkgulf Technologies Group and CIS Pride Silver Rock Fund for the manufacturing and distribution of two-wheeled electric vehicles for Malaysia and other markets in Southeast Asia, The Edge Markets reported.

Sharkgulf is based in China, and produces the Blueshark brand of electric scooters, while CIS is an investment fund managed by Silver Rock Capital, Realchamp Asset Management and The Pride Group, the publication reported.

A separate statement by EP Manufacturing read that it will establish a manufacturing facility as well as a sales and distribution centre for Blueshark electric two-wheelers in Malaysia. The group will also form a research and development centre to offer technical expertise and resources to Sharkgulf, it added.

Sharkgulf produces the Blueshark R1, an electric scooter with output rated at 5 kW (6.7 hp) and 201 Nm of torque, drawing power from two 1,440 Wh batteries for a total of 2,880 Wh. Maximum range is a claimed 160 km at 25 km/h.

The motor has maximum speed of 5,500 rpm, while 0-50 km/h is done in 4.9 seconds and top speed is 80 km/h, according to the brand. The Blueshark R1 weighs 92 kg without batteries, and has a payload rating of 200 kg, while seat height is 760 mm. Braking is by front and rear disc brakes which are linked.

Included as part of its starter system is a fingerprint sensor, and instrumentation is by a 10-inch full colour touchscreen display. This can show parameters such as battery state of charge, remaining battery range, ambient temperature and others, and the display is rated IPX5 for water resistance.

There are total of 74 sensors on the Blueshark R1, according to the Blueshark website. Included with the Blueshark R1 are front and rear cameras that record the vehicle’s journeys, while rear-facing ultrasonic sensors monitor the distance from other vehicles behind it. For access, the aforementioned fingerprint sensor is joined by a keyless unlocking system for the underseat compartment.