Police have detained the driver of the white Honda City involved in a road rage incident on the NKVE that went viral earlier this week.

Shah Alam district police chief Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said that checks by IPD Shah Alam’s CID found that the car is registered under the name of a woman residing in KL. They probed the woman and found that during the incident, the car was driven by her ex-boyfriend. The suspect, a 36-year old lorry driver, was detained at the compound of IPD Shah Alam yesterday evening, and will be remanded.

To recap, Twitter user @syats shared her dashcam footage online, which shows the ‘aggressor’, driving an old Honda City with the number plate WUG 285, “tailgated me for 3+ km and then stopped his car on the middle lane to block mine. He also continued to chase me thereafter, and threw things at my car”.

The video shows the City driver coming to a complete stop in the middle lane of the busy highway. He then alights from his car to confront the camcar driver, and an argument ensues – you can hear the back and forth in the video. Just to warn you that there’s foul language involved, so if you’re at work or have kids around, mind the speakers.

Later, the City’s passenger, a woman, comes down from the car. It’s here that the camcar takes off. The City gives chase and catches up with the camcar twice, and we can see angry hand gestures.

“He continued to curse and chase until just before the Bukit Raja toll exit. He had an elderly lady (I assumed was his mother) and a couple of kids in the car with him as he raged on. I hate to think of what goes on at home for the kids. Please be careful when you drive,” @syats added.

Remember to keep calm on the road. If someone wrongs you, let it slide.