PLUS Malaysia reminds bikers to use rain shelters

PLUS Malaysia reminds bikers to use rain shelters

With the recent collision between a motorcyclist and a car parked on the SUKE highway recently, PLUS Malaysia would like to remind riders on its highways to always use the motorcycle rain shelters provided if they need to stop. “This is for the safety of all, especially the two-wheelers,” said Syed Mohamad Idid, PLUS Head of Corporate Communications.

There are currently 184 shelters for motorcyclists along the PLUS highway network, segregated to three types. These are stand-alone shelters in safe areas, beneath bridges and flyovers, and beneath multi-storey interchanges.

The Southern region has 85 motorcycle specific shelters, while the Central and Northern regions have 70 and 31 shelters, respectively, equipped with guard rails and motorcycle specific access. Of this number, PLUS is also constantly evaluating locations and increasing the number of motorcycle rain shelters.

“We acknowledge motorcyclists are a non-revenue stream for us in term of highway users but the safety of all PLUS highway users is the number one priority for us. You cannot place a limit on the value of a human life,” said Syed. However, Syed said there are limitations to the number of and locations where rain shelters can be located due to space and road design considerations.

Syed also said highway users should be aware of and follow driving and riding tips provided by PLUS, especially during bad weather, and always obey the highway rules and speed limit. “Highway safety is a matter for all parties involved to actively participate and cooperate. The PLUS highway network is designed for efficient travel and offers the best cost-per-kilometer toll rates in Malaysia,” added Syed.

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Mohan K Ramanujam

Coming with diverse and extensive experience in heavy engineering, Mohan enjoys making anything with wheels go fast, especially motorcycles. His weapon of choice is the Desmoquattro engine, and he has a penchant for anything with a dash of Italian design. Strangely enough, he insists he's a slow rider.



  • Colola Salib on Sep 21, 2022 at 10:58 am

    How many malaya motorcyclist heeds your advice and obeys road and traffic rules since kapchai was invented?

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    • It is a suggestion not an instruction, up to the motorcyclists if they wanna heed or not but it is their lives at risk not PLUS.

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    • Observer on Sep 22, 2022 at 11:43 am

      Or should we say :

      How many malaya driver heeds your advice and obeys road and traffic rules since smartphones was invented?

      20 years driving and riding in Malaysia, 99% of my swearing while driving are due to retards drivers.

      Worst animal on road?

      – Karen (males & females)
      – Females + kids
      – Some old people” who think that “being old” give them the Divine right to drive like shit…

      Let’s face the truth :

      Malaysian drivers behavior reflect their mentality when they are also at home, at work, or online.

      No consideration for others EXCEPT when they can show off so-called HUMBLENESS on TV or social medias.

      Degenerated americanized crowd of egocentric consumers, only obsess with blink-blink rubbish and how to make more money to buy more blink-blink rubbish to show of on Instagram and Feaces-Book.

      Perpetual debt generators > Disposable golems.

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  • Hope PLUS could improve current under bridge shelter for motorcycle. Too close to road, most of the time they need to sit on bike as no enough space for them. Squatting on gabion wall slope only the safe place. Once lorry or car plunged to road side if they sit on bike, body splashes everywhere for sure.

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