Perodua Myvi seen driving in reverse in Johor

Perodua Myvi seen driving in reverse in Johor

There’s a difference between driving recklessly in movies/video games and reality. It might seem like we’re stating the obvious but it’s also clear some people do not realise it.

Further cementing this point is a video that’s been posted on Facebook just a few hours ago which completely bewilders the mind. We’ve seen plenty of videos of irresponsible or intoxicated motorists driving in the opposite direction but this should be a first.

In the video, a Perodua Myvi is seen driving on the right side of the road but in reverse! Also mentioned in the video was that the black Perodua Myvi was heading to Pasir Gudang in Johor, from Petron Seri Alam.

It’s not clear if the driver is intoxicated, mentally incapacitated, or has just watched the 2 Fast 2 Furious film – it could be all of the above. It’s utter lunacy considering how packed the Pasir Gudang highway can be with countless commercial vehicles and trailers heading to the Pasir Gudang port and its surrounding industrial areas. Not to mention, those familiar with the highway can also attest for its poor surface condition.

It’s not the first bizarre incident to take place on our roads today as earlier today, a Perodua Aruz was struck in the windscreen by a ‘rogue wheel’ off a trailer. The driver sustained injuries to the head and face as a result.

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