A Perodua Aruz has been damaged by a loose wheel from a truck on the Elite highway at KM27.6 near Sepang, Selangor yesterday, according to a tweet posted by Mohd Redzuan Abdul Manap. Here, a male occupant of the Aruz sustained injuries to his face and head as a result of the incident, according to the Twitter post.

As shown in one of the images accompanying the post on Twitter, the Aruz sustained considerable damage, appearing to be on the upper part of the windscreen while the roof appears to have been ripped by the impact from the loose truck wheel. Meanwhile, the vehicle’s A-pillars seem to have remained intact.

The wheel from the truck could have been airborne at a considerable height, as the rest of the Aruz’ front end, from the base of its windscreen downwards appears to have emerged unscathed from the impact. From the sole image of the truck involved, the presence of its wheels on the right-hand-side suggests that the loose wheel has come from the left side of the truck.

Other factors in the incident remain to be disclosed. For highway users in general, this should serve as a reminder to always be attentive to one’s surroundings, particularly on highways where the speeds of prevailing traffic tend to be higher.