TailG Ebixon Bold and Torq electric scooters launched in Malaysia – RM9k and RM15k, pre-orders open

TailG Ebixon Bold and Torq electric scooters launched in Malaysia – RM9k and RM15k, pre-orders open

TailG Ebixon Bold

New entries into the Malaysian electric motorcycle (e-bike) scene are the TailG Ebixon Bold and Ebixon Torq electric scooters, priced at RM9,000 and RM14,999, respectively. Launched in Kuala Lumpur, the TailG e-bikes are imported from Tailing Electric Vehicle, Dongguan, China by Ni Hsin EV Tech and manufactured in its facility in Seri Kembangan, Selangor with pre-orders taken for delivery in the first quarter of 2023.

The two e-bikes on offer by Ni Hsin are intended for different market segments in Malaysia – the Bold for personal electric mobility and the Torq for the small business and delivery sector. As a delivery vehicle, the Torq comes with twin swappable 72 volt 50 Ah lithium batteries, equating to 7.2 kWh, weighing 23 kg each.

Charging uses domestic current with a claimed charging time between two to eight hours, using an off vehicle charger rated at an output of 72 volts DC at eight amperes. The batteries drive a brushless 72 volt hub-mounted electric motor rated at 5 kW and 74Nm of torque.

This gives the Torq a claimed range of 200 km and governed top speed of 90 km/h, and there are two colour choices available. Weight for the Torq is listed as 85 kg with a maximum vehicle payload of 233 kg. Braking is done with hydraulic discs front and rear, with 12-inch wheels shod with 90/90 and 110/70 tubeless tyres.

For the commuter rider, the Bold is intended for short journeys in urban areas, with a range of 120 km and a governed maximum speed of 70 km/h. This achieved by the use of twin 72 volt 22 Ah lithium swappable batteries – the equivalent of 3.17 kWh – weighing 11 kg each while a 1.5 kW hub-mounted electric motor delivers 35 Nm of torque.

TailG Ebixon Bold and Torq electric scooters launched in Malaysia – RM9k and RM15k, pre-orders open

TailG Ebixon Torq

Like the Torq, the Bold uses an off-vehicle charger using domestic current, with a charging time of between two to eight hours. The Bold weighs 91 kg with a maximum payload of 252 kg with suspension done with telescopic forks in front and twin shock absorbers in the rear.

Rolling on 13-inch front and 12-inch read wheels, the Bold uses a 130/60 tubeless tyre in front and a 120/70 rubber at the back, with three colour choices. The instrument panel is an LCD cluster and a USB charging port is provided as part of the standard equipment along with LED lighting.

TailG Ebixon Bold

TailG Ebixon Torq

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  • small bike are cheap to buy and cheap to run

    so not sure why any sane biker would bother with this electric, when u have the big reliable bike brand with more established service network…and bike are already so fuel econ

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    • In terms of carbon emission, small bikes are the worst from their inefficient 2 stroke engines. A change to EV for these type of bikes will have big impact to the environment.

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      • Don’t think 2stroke engine is anymore in use.
        Now all come in 4stroke

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      • lol what year u living…there is no more 2 stroke bike sold in msia for years

        where do u think the electric and battery for ev come from?

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  • willie on Nov 23, 2022 at 10:11 am

    at that price, they are competing with the petrol bike fm the big boys. it always boil down to availability of spare parts in years to come, and to gain confidence in ebike, it should be around 3-5k.

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  • Uglyyyyyyyy

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  • Sigh... on Nov 24, 2022 at 10:20 pm

    Hmm… Clickbait nih. Td ade gadis, pabila klik, gadis nya hilang…

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