Saharudin Busri, Head of Industrial Design, MIMOS and the RE-EV

During the launch of the TailG Ebixon electric scooters, the Bold and Torq, a prototype motorcycle was seen on display. This was the RE-EV, a prototype hybrid motorcycle produced in a collaboration between Malaysia’s national applied research and development centre MIMOS and Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP) as well as motorcycle maker Modenas.

The collaboration was divided into MIMOS looking after the styling and design while Modenas was responsible for the production of the prototype, while UniMAP is currently conducting research and simulations. The acronym RE-EV stands for Range Extended Electric Vehicle, signifying the use of both an internal combustion engine (ICE) and battery power, similar to other hybrid vehicles.

This functional rolling prototype is to conduct research into increased travel distance as well as fuel saving. With two batteries installed, the RE-EV is capable of travelling a distance of 200 km on battery power alone.

Based on testing conducted, when the RE-EV is used with both ICE and battery power, a travel distance of 330 km was recorded. The lithium-ion batteries in the RE-EV are swappable if necessary and the ICE can be used in isolation should battery charge run out, eliminating issues with range anxiety.

At there moment, two RE-EV prototypes exist – one located in UniMAP in Perlis and the other at MIMOS. In a statement from MIMOS, the RE-EV project is under the government’s High Value-Added and Complex Product Development Programme (HVA). This programme is to elevate the capability and efficiency of the Malaysian manufacturing sector to produce high quality value-added products.

Hopefully, with the push towards electric vehicles worldwide, we will soon see a Malaysian designed and produced hybrid motorcycle. What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions below.