Malaysians are slowly but eventually catching on to electric vehicles (EV) with over 10,000 EVs registered in Malaysia but as a whole, the barriers to entry for EV ownership are still high. Currently, the most affordable EV in Malaysia is the Ora Good Cat, priced from RM140k.

For those who have been looking to get on the electric vehicle bandwagon, this piece of news gives plenty to look forward to as the government is now looking into the affordability of EVs. This is with the intention to introduce electric vehicles that cost below RM100,000 to ensure that it is not merely reserved for a higher-income group of customers.

The move will not only make electric vehicles more accessible to the general public but will also contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, according to Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, minister of natural resources, environment and climate change.

“Most EVs in our market cost RM100,000 or more, hence the need to shift our attention to a larger market with EVs costing RM100,000 or less. The government is exploring avenues to introduce more affordable EVs in Malaysia and will be observing Proton as to when they will introduce a Geely-based electric vehicle here,” the minister said.

He added, “Even if that happens, it’s still coming from overseas. If we can assemble it locally, electric vehicles will be more affordable. The government will also explore the roles it can play alongside automotive manufacturers to make this happen.”