Tesla Cybertruck aero wheel covers causing unusual wear on tyres, to be redesigned before deliveries

Tesla Cybertruck aero wheel covers causing unusual wear on tyres, to be redesigned before deliveries

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The Tesla Cybertruck wears a set of unique design cues, and among them are its wheel covers which feature straight lines and edges to echo those found elsewhere on the vehicle. Its wheel covers are intended to serve an aerodynamic purpose, however these have been found to be causing excessive wear and tear on the vehicle’s tyres, Electrek has reported.

Here, the wheel covers have a spoked design where the spokes protrude beyond the wheel rim, and overlap on a portion of the tyre sidewall. The issue arose when the tyres’ sidewalls flex and come into contact with the protruding parts of the wheel covers, thus leading to premature wear and tear on said tyres.

As such, recently purchased units of the Cybertruck have been delivered to customers without the wheel covers in question, and a forum member of the Cybertruck Owners Club forum has reported that the carmaker is currently investigating the items, which will not be delivered to customers until March.

The Tesla Cybertruck made its debut in production form last December, with three variants announced at its premiere – a single-motor Rear-Wheel Drive, a dual-motor All-Wheel Drive and a tri-motor (single front, dual rear) Cyberbeast variant that outputs 857 PS and a claimed 13,959 Nm (wheel torque figure).

Measuring 5,682 mm long, 2,413 mm wide and 1,790 mm tall with a wheelbase of 3,810 mm, the Cybertruck has up to 443 mm of ground clearance, defaulting to 305 mm in normal mode. Its cargo bed measures 1,829 mm long and 1,219 mm wide, for a total volume of 1,897 litres, with an additional 1,529 litres when its second-row seats are folded.

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  • Peppa on Feb 08, 2024 at 2:31 pm

    That cover is not the only things that needs to be redesign

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  • Bossku on Feb 08, 2024 at 4:45 pm

    This is why you should not buy a battery toy car from a company where the CEO is constantly “high”! He cares only about making money. So do a lot of other companies, but at least they can get the wheel design right! E.g. Potong, sorry Proton.

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