Rimac Verne unveiled – two-seater EV robotaxi to be built in Zagreb, Croatia; service to launch in 2026

Rimac Verne unveiled – two-seater EV robotaxi to be built in Zagreb, Croatia; service to launch in 2026

Croatian hypercar maker Rimac has unveiled the Verne, a two-seater robotaxi that will enter autonomous taxi service in 2026.

The robotaxi service will enter service in 2026 initially in Zagreb, Croatia, where Rimac is based, and the firm plans to expand the service to the United Kingdom and Germany the following year in 2027, these being two of 11 cities that Verne has already signed agreements with, according to Autocar.

As the Verne is fully autonomous, there is no steering wheel nor pedals, and the cabin of the robotaxi features two seats, with each offering five different position settings. A 43-inch display screen is the dominant feature of the cabin, and this is controlled by a touchpad on the centre console.

Rimac Verne unveiled – two-seater EV robotaxi to be built in Zagreb, Croatia; service to launch in 2026

The hatchback form was designed from the inside out, noted Autocar, with the exterior designed to prioritise neatly integrating the required cameras and sensors, as well as to serve aerodynamic performance.

“We deeply integrated cameras, radars, short- and long-distance lidars, and their cleaning systems. At the same time, we were able to simplify the appearance by removing the typical human-driven vehicle features. We got rid of the windshield wipers,” said Verne designer Adriano Mudri.

“The same goes for side-view mirrors. This makes the aerodynamic performance more efficient and allows for easier cleaning,” Mudri said, who added that the two-seater interior was selected over a more conventional four- or five-seater layout as “nine out of 10 rides are used by one or two people.”

The Verne robotaxi is built upon a new EV platform that is ‘highly adaptable’, and thus could serve a the basis for additional variants in the future. This vehicle has been designed to suit “a variety of locations, on different road types, under varying weather conditions and even taking local driving styles into account,” according to the company.

The Verne robotaxi service will employ a bespoke ride-hailing app, which will enable the pre-conditioning of the vehicle’s cabin before occupants embark on their journey. For example, the robotaxi could arrive already warmed to the passenger’s preferred temperature, and potentially offer a selection of interior scent to be chosen ahead of time, the company said.

A network of locations, called ‘motherships’ will be constructed to serve as home bases where the robotaxis will undergo inspection, charging and servicing. The robotaxis will also be built in Zagreb, and the decision to do so is intended to “put Croatia on the map as a country that encourages development of key future technologies,” said Verne CEO Marko Pejković.

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  • What’s the point of such impractical vehicle?

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  • I am not sure all these robotaxi company thinking. But if we look all the transport right now (airplane especially) – one thing that is lacking here is seats. Company will plan to ‘sumbat’ more as can

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    • Trainee on Jul 02, 2024 at 8:46 pm

      why not have more option?

      Autonomous Bus
      Autonomous Van
      Autonomous Car
      Autonomous Mini
      Autonomous Bike

      well, i want autonomous Bike so can avoid traffic jam.

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