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  • 2022 BMW Motorrad G310RR to get TFT-LCD display

    Second in a series of teaser posts, several more details have been revealed about the 2022 BMW Motorrad G310RR. Scheduled for release in the Indian market, more details are shown on this full-fairing sports motorcycle, including the tail section and inside the cockpit.

    As was expected, the G310RR will come with a 5-inch full-colour TFT-LCD display, similar to the unit installed in the TVS Apache RR310. The display itself is different, naturally, with the BMW Motorrad brand and “Make Life A Ride” tagline coming up onscreen when the G310RR is switched on.

    Looking at the Apache 310RR which is the basis of the G310RR, the display will also feature smartphone connectivity using Bluetooth. This includes ride data, G force, riding style analysis and others.

    Other details shown in the short video include black painted fork legs – the Apache 310RR comes with gold anodised units – with no adjustment. Also shown is the red trellis frame and BMW Motorrad specific key while the pillion seat grab rail is similar to the unit on the Apache.

    No difference in the technical specifications, which, based on the details for the Apache 310RR, will see the single-cylinder, liquid-cooled mill displacing 312.2 cc, matched to a six-speed gearbox and chain final drive. Power is claimed to be 34 PS at 9,700 rpm and torque is rated at 27.2 Nm at 7,700, with power delivery governed by four ride modes – Rain, Urban, Sport and Track.

    Suspension uses non-adjustable upside-down forks in front and preload-adjustable monoshock with gas reservoir at the back while braking is done with single hydraulic brake discs on the 17-inch wheels with two-channel, two-mode ABS. Tyre sizing is listed as 110/70 front and 150/60 rear and weight is claimed to be 174 kg for the Apache 310 RR, with 11-liters of fuel in the tank.

  • Is the 2022 Honda ADV 160 coming to Indonesia soon?

    A teaser post on the @welovehonda_id Instagram account from Indonesian Honda motorcycle distributors seems to indicate an updated Honda ADV 160 is coming soon. According to the Instagram post, the unveiling of this new scooter model will likely take place this month.

    Despite the low lighting in the video, what can be seen is the resemblance of the upcoming scooter to the rugged looks of the currently popular Honda ADV 150. However, we can’t be sure which specific ADV version will be launched, though from the shape and size of the silhouette in the video, it does not match up to the Honda ADV 350.

    In case anyone might be thinking it is the ADV 350, there are differences in the pillion seat grab rail, seat, front fender as well as a different headlight shape. It does come close to the ADV 350, but other differences include the front windshield that is wider and taller.

    Aside from the cosmetic differences, many are speculating this new Honda scooter will receive the new 156.9 cc engine that is currently used in the Honda PCX 160, Vario 160 and Air Blade 160. Several of Malaysia’s ASEAN neighbours have already received variants on new Honda scooters using the 160 engine while Malaysia has yet to get any model updates.

    Going by what has been done to the Vario 160, expect to see revised body panels and other upgrades. This might not take the form of a total makeover, as the Vario 150 was previously known to have some design shortcomings in the bodywork whilst the ADV 150 did not, which will mean just minor bodywork changes taking place.

    For the Vario 160, the single-cylinder engine with liquid-cooling is rated at 15.4 PS at 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. This compares against the 13.1 PS and 13.4 Nm of the Honda Vario 150.

  • REVIEW: 2022 Legatus EV Metropolitan, RM12,888 – A Malaysian electric scooter for the masses?

    Electric vehicles are coming to Malaysia, you know it, we know it and so does Legatus EV, with the 2022 Legatus Metropolitan electric scooter, priced at RM12,888, on-the-road. Electric scooters are not new to the Malaysian market, of course, with offerings such as the Niu and Eclimo on sale as well as the Treeletrik, directed at the urban mobility and small commercial market.

    Many riders have expressed misgivings and negative reactions to electric motorcycles and scooters (e-bikes and e-scooters), citing issues such as weight, range anxiety, lack of charging infrastructure and so on. Indeed, the author, having ridden the Harley-Davidson (H-D) LiveWire in Spain, had such an argument with the head of H-D Europe with the consensus being Malaysia, and most of South-East Asia, simply is not ready for a massive uptake of electric vehicles, especially outside urban centres.

    But that was two years ago, pre-pandemic, and this is now, with governments worldwide clamping down on emissions, both exhaust and noise, with the end game being quieter vehicles on the road, both two- and four-wheeled. Unless you want your great-grandchildren living in a desolate wasteland but that’s another story for another time, when we don’t need another hero.

    Thus, electric vehicles are upon us, and the reluctance to adopt this “alternative” fuel is real. No, this is not a debate about the pros and cons of electric motors versus the convenience of internal combustion. There are places elsewhere on the internet for that and anyone sending me messages and emails wanting to do so will be forwarded to the rubbish bin.

    We are here to look at the Legatus Metropolitan and what it’s like to live with an e-scooter, and what we found along the way. Some things about the Metropolitan as an e-scooter were readily apparent to us, others, will not quite a surprise, still managed to take us by surprise.

    Read the full review of the 2022 Legatus EV Metropolitan e-scooter after the jump.

  • 2022 Honda Super Cub 110 upgraded for Japan market

    In the Japan motorcycle market, the Honda Cub 110 line up, comprising of the Super Cub 110 and the Cross Cub 110, receives upgrades for 2022. The upgrades include enhancements to the looks as well as road safety.

    The main change to the Super Cub 110 for this year is the brakes, with the front mechanical drum brake replaced with the hydraulic brake disc with two-piston calliper with single-channel ABS. However, the rear wheel is still stopped using a drum brake.

    In the engine room, the classic single-cylinder, OHC, air-cooled mill still displaces 109 cc, but stroke is now longer with the engine itself brought into compliance with the Japanese Reiwa 2 emissions standard. Mated to a four-speed rotary gearbox with centrifugal clutch, the Super Cub 110 produces 8 PS at 7,500 rpm and 8.8 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm.

    Meanwhile, the Super Cub 110 gets 17-inch aluminium alloy wheels, shod with 80/90 tyres front and rear. Suspension is done with conventional telescopic forks and twin shock absorbers in the rear, both non-adjustable.

    Differentiating the Super Cub 110 and its Cross Cub 110 sibling are the headlight and exhaust, with the Cross Cub 110 carrying simpler body panels. 4.1 litres of fuel is carried in the tank, while weight is 108 kg.

  • 312 motorcyclists held at Tanjung Malim highway RnR

    A Twitter post going viral on Malaysian internet shows a group of motorcyclists on the North-South Highway held near the Tanjung Malim Rest and Recreation (RnR) area. Police from Muallim district were conducting a road block that saw 312 riders summoned for various offences.

    Muallim district police chief, Surperintendet Mohd Hasni Mohd Nasir said the group of riders was moving in convoy fashion from for north- and south-bound directions and were said to be heading to a restaurant in Tanjung Malim. “Summons were issued for offences such as not having a driving licence, expired road tax, no rear view mirrors, incomplete or fancy number plates and modified exhausts,” said Superintendent Hasni.

    Superintendent Hasni reminded motorists police will not compromise against any individual who commits an offence and action will be taken in accordance with the law. He also reminded the public to be mindful of social distancing even though the country is now in the Covid-19 pandemic recovery phase.

    @md.aniq98 mcm biosa ca alip bot #fyp ? original sound – mohamad aniq

  • Norton Motorcycles launches “Zero Emission Norton”

    Funding from the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) 19 has allowed Norton Motorcycles to launch an electric motorcycle initiative. The project, dubbed “Zero Emission Norton”, will see Norton developing electric vehicle engineering capabilities and electric motorcycles.

    Norton will be working together with Delta Cosworth, HiSpeed Limited, Formaplex Technologies, M&I Materials, INDRA and academic partner WMG (The University of Warwick). WMG has been involved with Lotus for design of the Lotus Evija, and Triumph for development of the TE-1 electric motorcycle.

    For the Zero Emission Norton project, Delta Cosworth will design the battery pack, while HiSpeed Limited brings motor design and manufacturing skills. Formaplex Technologies has expertise in precision composites manufacturing and M&I Materials will provide support on applications of dielectric cooling oils.

    INDRA specialises in vehicle to home charging technology and WMG will focus on battery technology, modelling and toolchain development. “We’re confident that project Zero Emission Norton will eliminate the current dispute between a conventional and electric motorcycle to create EV products that riders desire,” said Dr Robert Hentschel, CEO of Norton Motorcycles.

    After recently facing financial difficulties, including former CEO Stuart Garner answering to charges of fraud, Norton Motorcycles was purchased by conglomerate TVS Motor India. The move by TVS has seen Norton move to a new facility in Solihull, England after the 16 million pounds sterling (RM88.65 million) purchase.

  • 10th Art of Speed 2022 Kustom & Counter Culture car and bike show kicks off July 2 and 3 at MAEPS

    After a two-year absence due to the pandemic, the Art of Speed 2022 custom car and bike show is back, happening the weekend of July 2 and 3. Held at the Malaysian Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (MAEPS), the Art of Speed is now in its 10th edition, celebrating the best Malaysia has to offer in cool bikes, radical rides, art and culture.

    Highlights of this year’s Art of Speed includes the Invitational Bike Build Off, featuring a show down between seven Malaysian bike builders vying for a RM10,000 jury prize and RM5,000 public choice award. Also showcased is the Hot Wheels Legends Tour with a signature life-sized Bone Shaker Monster Truck on display with winners from the Asia-Pacific region having their car creation replicated as a one-of-a-kind Hot Wheels die-cast model.

    The ever popular vintage car display is back while will be holding a display of hand selected rides from across Malaysia dubbed “Garage Life”. Catering to the popularity of travel camping currently in vogue in Malaysia, there will also be an Off The Grid outdoor camping and lifestyle display.

    Aside from refreshments served at the food truck and vendors location which is under shelter, visitors can also expect to watch the Sound Circus Festival on the night of July 2, headlining acts such as Sekumpulan Orang Gila, SweetAss, Iqbal M., Balok People and others. Motorcycle test rides are available from Ducati, Royal Enfield, Vespa, Aprilia and Harley-Davidson while the Alfa Romeo Club Malaysia will be holding a gathering.

    A lucky draw will be held on Sunday evening, with two EV Classic Vespas up for grabs. Tickets for the 10th Art of Speed 2022 are available online at, priced at RM35 valid for the weekend, with the Speed Lane Pass going for RM55 while tickets to attend the Sound Circus Festival together with entry to the Art of Speed are priced at RM110.

  • Modenas Malaysia will go electric by 2025, says CEO

    Electric motorcycles and scooters are in Malaysian motorcycle maker Modenas plans for the near future, says Roslan Roskan, its chief executive officer. Speaking to assembled media during a factory visit, Roslan said Modenas cannot afford to be left behind in the push towards vehicle electrification worldwide.

    “Honestly speaking, for Malaysia, we are a bit slow compared to other ASEAN countries (regarding adoption of electric vehicles),” said Roslan. “However, the Malaysian government has set a target at least 15% electric vehicles (EV) on Malaysian roads by 2030,” he added.

    Saying there has been inroads into the Malaysia electric two-wheeler market in the last two years, Roslan pointed out those were mainly commercial and meant for B2B (business to business) use. “So, for Modenas, we will also be ready to participate in the EV market. If we don’t participate, at least by 2025, before 2030, we’ll be left behind,” he said.

    Elaborating on Modenas EV activities, Roslan said a cautious approach is being taken at the moment. “We are doing something on EV at this moment. This requires a lot of investment, trials, battery stability,” said Roslan.

    “Malaysia’s readiness for EV charging infrastructure is still poor. There was supposed to be a target of 10,000 charging points nationwide but we are very far behind,” Roslan said. “Plus, the motivation for Malaysians to participate in EV is lacking because we have the cheapest fuel prices in ASEAN,” he continued.

    “But we will participate, very definitely. If we don’t participate, by 2025, we have nothing, we will be left behind,” said Roslan. Roslan also said Kawasaki, having developed the Endeavor EV as a prototype, will be taking steps to bring it to market in three to five years.

    “Definitely, since we are partners, when the Malaysian market is ready, we will consider (bringing it in),” he said. Modenas had previously released the CTric electric underbone motorcycle, the first to be approved by JPJ for use on Malaysian roads.

    The CTric was not a commercial success in Malaysia due to the use of lead-acid batteries, plus the long charging time and lack of range. However, with new developments in battery technology, such as lithium-ion batteries and fast charging, perhaps the time has come for the adoption of electric vehicles, especially in the urban environment, for Modenas to take the lead again.

    What do you think? Should Modenas push strongly for the development of an electric motorcycle or scooter, and more importantly, would you buy it? Leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions below.

  • 2022 Yamaha MT-09 gets colour update for Malaysia, pricing unchanged at RM54,998 recommend retail

    2022 Yamaha MT-09 Cyan Storm

    Getting colour updates this year is the 2022 Yamaha MT-09, with recommended retail pricing remaining the same as the 2021 model year at RM54,998. New colour options for the MT-09 are Tech Black and Cyan Storm, replacing last year’s selection of Icon Blue and Storm Fluo.

    No other changes for the MT-09, with power coming from a Crossplane 3 inline-triple displacing 889 cc. Power for the MT-09 is claimed to be 117.3 hp at 10,000 rpm and 93 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm with a six-speed assist and slipper clutch equipped gearbox siding power to the rear wheel via chain while and up-and-down quickshifter is standard.

    Similarly, suspension stays the same, substantially upgraded from the previous generation MT-09, with adjustable upside-down forks, 41 mm in diameter, while the adjustable monoshock has revised settings along with a revised linkage to improve suspension performance. Braking is done with a radial master cylinder activating twin radial-mount brake callipers clamping 298 mm brake discs in front, and a single hydraulic 245 mm diameter disc at the back.

    2022 Yamaha MT-09 Tech Black

    Inside the cockpit, a 3.5-inch, full-colour TFT-LCD screen, including variable colour bar graph tachometer, displays all the necessary information while full LED lighting is used throughout, including the single LED projector headlight. Overall weight for the MT-09 is listed as 189 kg, the previous version of the MT-09 coming in at 193 kg.

    14-litres of fuel is carried in the MT-09s tank, while seat height is set at 825 mm. Stocks of the colour updated MT-09 are available in all Yamaha Malaysia dealers showrooms immediately and every MT-09 comes with a two-year or 20,000 km warranty against manufacturing defects.

  • No Cub Prix races for Modenas for at least three years

    With a reputation in the Malaysian Cub Prix racing scene going back years, many have asked if the newly revived Modenas, in collaboration with Kawasaki, will return to competition. The answer is, according to Roslan Roskan, chief executive officer of Modenas, is no.

    “We won’t be going racing, not as yet,” said Roslan. “Right now, our focus is on developing our partnership with Kawasaki in the Malaysia dealer network, sales and service, as well as spare parts support for existing Kawasaki owners. That is our priority,” said Roslan in an informal discussion with

    Roslan did say there were plans initially for Modenas to re-enter the Malaysian Cub Prix scene, but these were shelved in the harsh realities of the economic climate and financial realities faced by Malaysia’s national motorcycle manufacturer. With development and expansion of a Kawasaki dealer network, the establishment of a secure spare parts supply channel and rebuilding the brand name on his mind, Roslan did not dismiss the idea of racing out-of-hand.

    “We see a racing effort from Modenas take place anywhere between three to five years from now. Certainly no earlier than three years,” Roslan said. “Racing, as you know, takes a lot of money and right now we have more important things to look after,” he said.

    “But never say never,” said Roslan, with a smile, “when Kawasaki came to Malaysia recently, they visited a Cub Prix race and took note of the interest shown by Malaysian riders and fans in that segment. Racing is good for branding.”


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