• European manufacturers to go the turbocharged way

    European carmakers feel that turbocharged small engines are the way of the future, to increase fuel economy and reduce emmissions. Instead of using a big normally aspirated engine, a small capacity engine with a turbocharger […]


  • Renault offers to buy Volvo, Ford declines

    Industry rumours say Renault has approached Ford Motor Company for an offer to buy Volvo as it needs to compete with German premium brands, which it cannot do with it’s own large vehicles. Ford declined […]


  • Nissan helps South Asia quake victims

    Nissan helps South Asia quake victims

    Nissan has pledged 10 million yen to victims in Pakistan of the South Asia quake. The money has been donated to the Japan Platform, a Non-profit Organisation that provides emergency relief in natural disaster and […]


  • Crash Test Results Display

    Crash Test Results Display

    If you’ve noticed, vehicle safety seems to be dominating the topic of my blog posts for a while now. Car manufacturers and consumers are becoming increasingly safety-conscious, taking into account crash test results when purchasing […]


  • GM sells Subaru shares to Toyota

    General Motors is selling it’s 20% stake in Fuji Heavy Industries at significant loss at about USD$ 735 million, compared to the USD$ 1.3 billion it paid in the year 2000.


  • Petrol up 87% in Indonesia

    Indonesia raised it’s fuel prices almost 87 percent yesterday in efforts to revive it’s economy as oil subsidies took up more than 25% of Indonesia’s yearly budget. Naturally such a ridiculously high hike in such […]


  • Porsche shares down

    Porsche shares down

    Porsche shares dropped more than 10% after it announced plans to raise stakes in Volkswagen AG to 20% from the 5% it holds currently. Looks like investors are not as confident of Porsche’s plan as […]


  • SEAT in hot soup?

    Volkswagen is in crisis lately, hit by a strong Euro and weak sales. Some of it’s measures to counter this are plans to cut down it’s workforce by almost 10,000 German jobs, which could make […]



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