We thought Honda was going to debut the production Civic Type R at the ongoing Geneva show; turns out it’s only a concept. Still, since the real McCoy’s due next year, you can expect the Honda Civic Type R concept you see here not to be too far from the truth.

The “racing car for the road” is the most hardcore Honda Civic Type R yet, and many of the styling features you see here are functional. The two-tier rear wing’s shape and angle is the result of Nurburgring track testing, and the enlarged upper and lower front grilles, along with the bonnet louvres, provide cooling. Front and rear wings have been widened to accommodate 20-inch wheels, with integrated outlets to optimise airflow.

The Honda Civic Type R will be the first model in Europe to use one of the new VTEC TURBO engines from the Earth Dreams range. The direct-injected 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbo lump is expected to deliver at least 280 PS, while being Euro 6-compliant. First Type R to be turbocharged, too. Earlier teaser images revealed a 7,000-rpm redline – not stratospheric for a Type R but pretty respectable for a turbo.

Honda is targeting the Nurburgring record for FWD cars with this one – an early prototype has been evaluated on the track, where it set a time “approaching the lap record” currently held by the Renault Megane RS 265 Trophy.

Also in Geneva at the moment is the powertrain layout of the 2015 NSX and the next-gen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) concept, which makes its Continental debut. The production FCEV will be on sale in Europe from early 2016, Honda has confirmed.