Records are meant to be broken, and with that do we come to a new one set by Renault’s latest wunderkind, the Mégane R.S. 265 Trophy. The car has set a new lap record for a front-wheel drive production car at the Nürburgring, almost three years to the day the Mégane R26.R established its lap record for a FWD production car at the Nordschleife in June 2008, with a time of 8 minutes 17 seconds.

Last week, the R.S. 265 Trophy clocked 8 minutes 8 seconds to break the R26.R‘s record, which has stood since then. The time posted at the Nürburgring puts the Mégane R.S. Trophy on par with an extremely prestigious list of supercars, with a level of performance rivalling that of vehicles with power outputs of up to and beyond 500 hp.

“The Nordschleife is a legendary course. Its difficulties are extremely varied, ranging from fast and even very fast in places to much twistier and slower portions. Turns like ‘Karusell’ and ‘Pflanzgarten’, for example, make huge demands of the car and driver alike, yet the Mégane R.S. Trophy is very much in its element here and feels particularly reassuring despite the uncompromising nature of the terrain,” said Laurent Hurgon, development driver at Renault Sport, who took the R.S. 265 Trophy out on its record-setting lap.

“The limited slip differential allowed me to accelerate hard out of the countless turns without understeer. The carefully-tuned Cup chassis, the dampers, the fade-resistant brakes, the Recaro seats, the power of the 265 hp engine, the ready availability of torque between 2,500 and 5,000rpm and the car’s Bridgestone RE 050A (235/35 R19) tyres allowed me to make the most of the car’s enormous potential, especially into and out of the corners. It is this package which enabled me to post such a quick time round this circuit, which you must always approach with a certain degree of humility,” he added.