Other than the new Civic Tourer, Honda didn’t have any other world debuts planned for Frankfurt this year. Making the best of what’s at hand, however, the company announced the first details of the next Civic Type R, and again displayed the Honda NSX Concept for all to see.

The NSX Concept is not new, and it’s now close to two years since it was first unveiled at the start of 2012. So what makes it newsworthy now? Besides it still looking as fresh as tomorrow, Honda has posted a video of Ted Klaus, Large Project Leader of the new NSX answering a few questions regarding the car’s second coming.

There are quite a few interesting questions in the video, not least the one about what it’s like to develop such an iconic model for Honda as a non-Japanese. Klaus jokes that his wife already considers him to be half-Japanese, since he goes there so often. Later on he mispronounces the word ‘place’ as ‘prace,’ so perhaps he’s halfway there already.


While Klaus and his R&D team in Ohio, USA may be leading the development programme, that doesn’t dilute the new NSX’s authenticity in any way. He said that keeping the character of the original NSX is paramount, and for that, the new team has met the people behind the first model to discuss some of those core attributes.

Among them are the car’s vivid response and the ability to place it precisely (with the use of narrow A-pillars as to not obstruct the driver’s view) – traits that are all well implemented into the new NSX. Often enough, the best way to move forward is to look behind, and the new NSX is a prime example of that.

Attempting a follow up to such a well-loved and iconic machine is a tough task, and the risk of suffering from the so-called second album syndrome is huge. Nevertheless, it looks like the new Honda NSX is in good and passionate hands, so keep your hopes up, everyone.