Reader Khairil sent in these photos of what appears to be computer-rendered images of a possible Proton GEN2 Sedan. Styling of the GEN2 Sedan is pretty much similiar to the GEN2 5-door hatch in our market right now, with a different rear end. A similiar arrangement to the Proton Wira Sedan and Proton Wira Aeroback.

I am glad there are no strange bling bling turbine wheels on the sedan, instead there are some nice traditional 5 thick spoke wheels. I am not sure about the triple-surface design of the bootlid though, but then again these might not even be official shots of the GEN2 Sedan, but serves well to spur our imagination on how it would look like.

The Proton GEN2 Sedan will most likely be cheaper than the Proton GEN2 5-Door Hatch on our market, following the trend set by the Wira Sedan and Aeroback where the Aeroback was more expensive than the Sedan.

Remember Theophilus Chin’s Proton Satria Neo Sedan photoshop?

More photos after the jump.