We now have some real life photos of the new Peugeot 408 live from the car’s unveiling in Beijing. After all, professionally shot product images may sometimes be different from how the car looks in real life, so these live photos give us a better idea of how the car looks like and zooms into the small details as well.

The notchback styling of this ‘308 Sedan’ is definitely executive much better than the 206 Sedan or 207 Sedan. Because of the extended 2,710mm wheelbase, the roofline can be made curvier and more natural while still giving the car sufficient rear headroom.

The rear three quarter view reminds me a little of the pretty neat looking Peugeot 406 Coupe, which was referred to by PSA design director Jean-Pierre Ploué not too long ago as one of the last really good looking Peugeots – which will hopefully change with the new design language on the SR1.

Anyway, we also have a live video recording of the reveal for you to enjoy. Please head on to gallery and video after the jump!

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