Peugeot has appointed Gilles Vidal as its new Design Director, reporting to Jean-Pierre Ploué, Design Director for the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group.

Vidal, 37, is a graduate of the Art Centre College of Design in Vevey, Switzerland. He joined PSA in 1996 and has spent nine years working alongside Ploué to revamp the Group’s line-up. Since early 2009, he has been in charge of concept cars for Peugeot. He has also been actively involved in the creation of Peugeot’s new identity, to be unveiled early next month.

I’m curious to what this “new identity” is. Perhaps a phasing out of the “big mouth” look currently used across the range for a more sleek, subtle style? I remember reading a Jean-Pierre Ploué admission in Autocar saying that Peugeot last made a nice looking car in 1996 – the 406 Coupe.