Jaguar has confirmed that the car company will put into production an all-new sports car. The name: the F-type. Could this be the successor to the iconic E-type?

It will be based on the C-X16 concept that was shown in Frankfurt last year. The concept car was well received, which encouraged Jaguar to accelerate the development of the F-type. The F-type will be constructed in Jaguar’s Castle Bromwich plant and prototypes are being tested there as well.

It is said that the F-type will use an all-aluminium construction and will be launched as a strict two-seater convertible that will impart driving pleasure. A new powerplant family as well as a range of petrol engines will be powering the F-type. I wonder what the new family of powerplant is, electric or hybrid?

The F-type will have huge shoes to fill considering the cars that came before it: the C-type, D-type and E-type. Jaguar will release full details about the car later in the year and will go on sale in mid 2013.